Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hello, 2017-18!  I am so excited to begin another creative, fun year with my GATE students!  Last year we began using a class Instagram account so that we could quickly and easily add class photos of our kids in action.  I enjoyed being able to share photos with parents and friends in this manner last year.  

To see what we are accomplishing in GATE this year, please follow us on Instagram:  aesgate

Best wishes for an exciting and inspiring school year!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

SMORE is so cool!

Lots of exciting things have been going on in GATE!  I am always on the lookout for new tech gadgets and ideas for my students to use to share their research and information.  I have found a new digital tool called SMORE to create beautiful digital flyers.  Our latest GATE Newsletter has been created using the SMORE website.  Please check out our latest adventures in GATE as well as this new digital tool that some of our General Applications projects will be using in class!

Click here to view the GATE News from 11/1/16

In this newsletter you will see info and pictures from...

*AES International Dot Day

*Tech projects


*Dash and Dot Robots

Friday, August 19, 2016

Welcome back to a great new school year where CREATIVITY is not an's essential!  I am so excited to open my classroom door next week to see my bright, excited, creative, fun students arrive!  I've enjoyed seeing all of the GATE kiddos in the hallway and now it's TIME TO GET STARTED!  GATE classes will begin on Monday!  

What are you most excited about this year in GATE?  Our essential concept will be SELFIES!  Who doesn't like to take a SELFIE!?  We will be looking at selfies by creating self-portraits, deciding which learning style each of us prefers, finding our personality style, filling in interest inventories, selfie-expression through art and writing, selfie-selected topics for research using the Independent Investigation Method (IIM), selfie/groupie-selected technology categories for TECHNOLOGY COMPETITION PROJECTS (WOOOOO HOOOOO!), and more! more thing I think you'll be excited about....

DASH AND DOT ARE HERE!  Miss Rogers and I were awarded a grant through the Albertville City Schools Foundation (THANK YOU, FOUNDATION!!!) to purchase 2 sets of Dash and Dot along with all the accessories!  We can't wait to dive into computer programming with these fun robots!  (We actually didn't wait....we opened the boxes and started to play/program with them yesterday!  So fun!)  

This begins year 26 as a school teacher for me...and I still love coming to school each day and I love what I can experience and learn with my students!  After 12 years of teaching GATE in room 408, I have moved to room 323.  This was a picture of my room in July...

...however, now it looks a little different and I am ready for students!

My ladder of TALENTS UNLIMITED thinking skills is ready to go!  Who will be a great PRODUCTIVE THINKER this year!?  (YOU!)

Science, math, social studies, writing, and art interest centers are well as the MacBooks in the cart!

Next week these pictures will be a little more "alive"....with STUDENTS!  Yea!  I'm looking forward to a great school year with my GREAT GATE kids!

Be sure to check back on this blog from time to time as well as follow us on Instagram:  aesgate

Coming soon.....Global Cardboard Challenge, International Dot Day, origami crane making class, art, research, technology.....and more!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

AES Tech Team Rocks at State Competition

The State Technology Competition was held on Saturday, April 30th at the Montgomery Performing Arts Center.  Ten AES 4th grade GATE students competed!  All of these students won 1st or 2nd place at the regional technology competition and were able to advance to the state level.  We had a BLAST in Montgomery!  On Friday night, many of the families ate dinner together at Red Robin (an AES Tech Team tradition for 8 years now!), we celebrated Alexander's birthday, and we spent the day Saturday as an AES family at the competition.

Each project was presented on the stage at the Montgomery Performing Arts Center.  After a long day of presenting projects, the awards were announced.  ALL of our students presented their high quality projects and did a great job!  I am super proud of each!

State winners were......

Jaxon Cooper and Will Paschal - 1st place for their website about the Dominican Republic

Melvin Benitez won 3rd place for his website about Volcanoes

Emma Buck won 3rd place for her website about the Titanic

Gracyn Spicer, Kailyn Boman, and Ava Owens won 2nd place for their video production about Ancient Egypt

It was a great weekend with great kids, great families, and lots of fun!  Congratulations to all!

INSPIRE Art Contest 2016

Each year The Foundation for Marshall Medical Centers sponsors an Inspire Art Contest celebrating Youth Art Month.  All 3rd and 4th grade GATE students participated in this contest by creating an inspiring piece of art.  AES had 1st - 4th place winners as well as the Foundation Choice Award!

Fourth grade GATE winners were......

2nd place - Yukina Hamai for her pastel art entitled, "Flower Bouquet."

4th place - Michele Cerrillo for her acrylic painting "The Happy Meal"

Foundation Choice Award - Melvin Benitez for his colored pencil drawing "Fruit in a Horn"

Congratulations to these artists!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Don't Litter!

Marshall County P.A.L.S. (People Against a Littered State) held a poster contest featuring their slogan, "Litter is..."  All 4th grade GATE students created a poster using this slogan.  There were many great entries and great conversations about why people litter, why they shouldn't, and what we can do about it.

GATE at AES had 2 winners!  Harrison McCreless and Michele Cerrillo both won Honorable Mention and will be presented with a certificate next week from the Marshall County P.A.L.S. group. Congratulations to these students!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Technology Competition 2016

The Albertville Elementary School Technology Team competed at our regional competition on Friday, April 8th at the Agri-Business Center in Rainsville.  Northeast Alabama Community College did a fabulous job of sponsoring this event.  Hundreds of students from our NorthEast Alabama Region competed in various categories:  General Applications, MultiMedia, Website Design, Video Production, and Computer Programming.

Each of the AES kids presented their projects very well!  All were professional, polite, and confident in their presentations.  All of the projects are winners to me!  Everyone worked diligently with their research, organization, and creatively produced a high quality project!  YEA for AES TECH TEAM! They made this teacher very proud!

Our winners from Friday's competition were.....

1st place website design individual -Melvin Benitez

1st place website design group - Jaxon Cooper and Will Paschal

1st place video production group - Roxie Witherow and Jennifer Tzul

2nd place video production group - Gracyn Spicer, Ava Owens, Kailyn Boman

2nd place website design individual - Emma Buck

2nd place computer programming - Alexander Figueroa

3rd place multimedia group - Levi Hester, Roxie Witherow, Jennifer Tzul

All 1st place and 2nd place winners are eligible to advance to the state competition if they choose.  This will be held in Montgomery on April 30th.  Congratulations to everyone!